Layered Skirt Tutorial


I hope that you got a lot of use out of the reversible skirt tutorial!

This one is a variation on it so that any of those odd bids left at the end can be combined into a cute new skirt! I just love creating the casing at the top of the skirt between the layers so this skirt variation does the same thing!

As before the instructions are based off the simple skirt tutorial at MADE. If you haven’t visited her site you should, there’s a ton of great ideas there!

First assemble your supplies.


For this skirt you need the following:

One 6 in by 18 in long rectangle
One 4 to 5 in by 18 in long rectangle
One 10.5 in strip of 1/4 in elastic

The 6 by 18 rectangle will be the pop at the bottom and the shorter strip will be the top color. I used a 4 in strip for this so you can see more of the bottom fabric, but feel free to experiment! I used an 18 in as the width because it was the width of my fat quarter, but you could easily increase the width if you wanted a fuller skirt!


First sew up the short end of each rectangle with a 1/4 seam allowance to create two tubes.


Then because I usually forget earlier I finish the edges and then press them to the side (if you prefer to finish the edges earlier or have a serger please adjust to your preferences!). Since I was at the iron I pressed each seam to the side and turned up 1/4 in and then 1/4 again and pressed to create the hem.


Then this is the confusing part (at least for me!). With right sides both facing up (towards you as you look at them) put the shorter piece inside the longer one aligned along the top. Then sew together with a 1/4 inch seam along the top. For this I sew along the right side.


When done your skirt should look like this so trim along the top.


Flip the longer piece inside, press and sew down 1/2 in to create the casing! Remember to stop about an inch or two before the starting point to insert the elastic!


Insert elastic and sew ends together making sure it hasn’t twisted anywhere along the “waistband”.

Sorry, I must have forgotten to take a picture of this step, but finish the casing by sewing with a 1/2 seam along the opening that you left and enjoy!