Flip Chair for Mini Doll

Flip ChairMonster HIgh Flip Chair

I was inspired by the new Mary Ellen flip couch to try to make one for the American Girl Mini doll.  Per my daughter’s request I also made one for the Ever After/Monster High dolls as well.

Supplies for chair

Supplies for chair

Supplies Needed:


Duct Tape




First you need to mark the sponges for the chair.  For the mini doll I cut both the sponges at 3 inches and for Monster High size I left it as is.  Sorry that I don’t have pictures of that, but the instructions are the same.

Permanent Marker worked best for marking the sponges.  The other pieces have to line up with the height of your sponges.  One is the backrest and the other is the height of the stacked sponges so that the pack rest has something to sit on when it’s in chair form.  They should fit together as shown in the second photo.



Then cover all the pieces with duct tape.  I found that the tape wouldn’t stick to the sponges, but it sticks very well to itself.  Also, the sponges fresh from the package felt a little damp, so I let them dry out over night.  Therefore, I made sure that each tape piece was longer than the sponge piece I was wrapping so that I could wrap it around and stick the duct tape to itself.


FInished wrapped pieces (I ran out of flowered duct tape)

wrapped pieces

After this you need to create the chair by attaching duct tape to be the “hinge”.  First do one side and then the other so that the sticky part isn’t exposed.



The piece on the bottom back is fixed so it can be taped more securely if you want.  It becomes a “pillow” went it’s expanded.


After you finish putting tape on all the connections it should unfold like this:

unfolded chair

I hope that you enjoy the chair and please let me know if you have any questions!



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